The C NET “Zoono® Services” Difference

Zoono – a water-based application that lasts for 30 days on treated surfaces and 24 hours on skin with NO HARSH OR DANGEROUS CHEMICALS.

C NET Building Maintenance Services is the Authorized Service Provider (ASP) for the National Capital and Greater Montreal regions for Zoono® Antimicrobial Sterilization/Disinfection (Zoono Z-71 Microbe Shield (DIN 02464071).

Zoono® is a safe and innovative technology created in New Zealand utilized in over 50 countries worldwide. Zoono is recognized as a “Choice” solution in Canada and the U.S.A. Zoono® has made its mark and reputation with its clinically tested results in over 140 Independent laboratories,  changing the way “the world stays germ-free”.

The fact that Zoono® truly differs from its competition in both its science and efficacy speaks volumes for its success around the world and in Canada. As a Zoono® ASP, C NET creates and certifies infection-free “Zoono Safe Zones” for the built environment using three classes of assets that set us apart:

  1. Technology
  2. Labour
  3. Chemical