Maintenance Programs

C NET Protects Your Investments

Carpet – Upholstery – Flooring

Carpets, furniture, and various types of flooring require special care and cleaning treatments in order to properly address wear & tear, remove and minimize dust fibers, dirt and degradation over time.

With our experience and understanding of floor coverings and finishes, investigating, and selecting the most optimal treatments that best suit the nature of your carpets, furniture and floors is priority when creating these programs. 

The maintenance program will not only maintain the appearance of your carpets and furniture and flooring finishes but will also assist significantly in prolonging their lifespan.

One Shot – Once Over

Walls, Ceilings, Beams, Lights, Windows, Equipment, Etc…

Not every task is planned, forecasted or anticipated…CNET Building Maintenance is well aware…and we put things in motion…

This is a demanding operation that requires a well-trained and significantly large group of personnel, which will respond efficiently to the task at hand with a structured work ethic adjusted to the specific demands of each project.

This minimizes the possible inconveniences that could occur throughout the work process of the services being offered. A result of good planning due to our vast knowledge and experience in doing these types of operations day-in/day-out.

CNET Offers This “Peace of Mind Structure” to accommodate those “Unforeseeable/Unanticipated” Big Clean-ups

Office Environment – Know How

Maintaining a Healthy Work Environment…understanding Corporate Wellness…supporting Ergonomics…and providing a stable Built Environment is second nature to C NET Building Maintenance Services.

We know that over time within office environments that equipment, computer screens and keyboards don’t hold their shiny new appeal and may have become opaque, discoloured or worn out from all the productive hard work being done. 

The external maintenance care cleaning that C NET provides reduces the risk of equipment failure caused by the internal accumulation of dust and debris that over time may accumulate from regular operations day to day apart from Technical Service Maintenance that only occurs once/twice per year depending on manufacturer’s requirements. 

Other pertinent periodic services available throughout the workplace such as glass partitions, general window washing, interior walls and ceilings, lamp/lighting fixtures, and site-specific concierge services shall be designed to suit the need of the site operations. 

If you have any specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us in order to provide details of your requests for assessment by our skilled specialists. There are solutions for every situation and the list of services offered… are non-exhaustive!

Industry Specific Care Programs

Specialized Work Areas (Laboratory, Hospitality, Assembly, , Etc.)

Our reputable experience allows C NET to provide programs related to specific industry sectors where elevated Health & Safety protocols exist and are highly requested within sensitive production, research and material handling environments. Many of these environments demand a heightened level of hygiene and disinfection protection within there facilities and C NET complies and facilitates these requirements effectively.

C NET performs various methods of maintenance cleaning within:

  • Computer/Server and Lab Rooms – such as of floating floors, suspended ceilings, assembly tables, conveyors, equipment etc.…
  • Hotel & Restaurant establishments – Full Service F&B – QSRs – Travel/Transportation – Recreation – Lodging – Event/Tourism
  • Manufacturing Floors / Assembly Lines / Logistics Hubs
  • Food Service Prep Kitchens / Cafeterias / Distribution Centres

At all times, environmental and sustainable practices are in place and exercised. Product/material use that respects the environment while performing our duties affect a well and efficient execution of services contributing to optimization and reduction of operations’ associated costs. In addition, on-going training and education within these specialized environments continues to contribute to our growth keeps C NET abreast of evolving technology and innovation to provide our Crews with the most current solutions and methods for performing at their best capability.

CNET Ensures Professionalism

Construction Cleaning Services

Pre & Post Construction / New Build / Renovaton / Retrofit


 C NET deploys Pre and Post-Construction Maintenance Crews who work as leading experts in this category.

In support of the Project Mangers, our Crews ensure effective, well-equipped execution and timely scheduling to allow minimal interruption of regular operations to minimize the necessity of additional resources a Project Manager may need to consume their time in obtaining.

This construction-related cleaning can be done throughout the construction process or simply at the completion of the project before it is passed off as a final product to the client, operator or owner.

CNET Offers Tailored Services According to Your Needs

CNET Urgent Care

Emergency Disaster Cleaning Services / Water / Fire / Other


CNET’s highly trained Crews are well-versed experts in responding immediately to unfortunate circumstances and disasters.

Effectively, our rapid response action often reduces extended concern and increase of associated costs related to these types of situations. The quicker the response, in most cases, our Crews can prevent further damage or concern by containing the situation promptly.

Immediately after the event/situation, an assigned Operations Coordinator will work with approved resources to quickly replace and restore whatever has been affected by the disaster. This process ensures being able to bring the environment at hand back to its original state. Once restored the site will be fully cleaned and disinfected for return to operation.

Throughout these difficult times, we will continue to put effort into upholding efficient coordination between the customer’s representative and our supervisors. Our many years of experience with these types of operations allows CNET to facilitate these restorations and communications effectively and efficiently.

ECIC – Environmental Cleaning and Infection Control

Rapid Response / Monthly Treatment
Surface Protection / Air Quality Programs

Environmental Cleaning and Infection Control – Ensuring the built environment is not only clean and healthy but is proven to be safer by a direct result of C NET having developed industry leading protocols ensuring lasting surface decontamination and cleaner air.

Handyman/Renovation Contractor Coordination Services

Painting/Floor Repair/Stone Restoration/Furniture Moves
Re-lamping/Minor Repairs


We at C NET realize there are many elements of the “Built Environment” that need attention…therefore…our vast pool of resources allows us to connect the appropriate trades and labour pool to assist Property and Facility Managers address tasks via tradesmen, technical resources, and general manpower task execution.