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Three Friends

Roy Barroso

Gonzalo Castillo

Eduardo Castillo

Transforming Building Maintenance Services in Eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec)

Two years ago, Roy Barroso, Gonzalo Castillo, and Eduardo Castillo crossed paths, each with extensive experience in the building services and maintenance industry. Upon meeting, they realized that their combined skills and expertise offered a unique blend. Roy, with a background in business development in the waste management industry, Gonzalo, an expert in managing large-scale operations with a focus on quality, and Eduardo, proficient in finance and management, knew they had a synergistic team. United by their shared dedication to high-quality maintenance services, they launched C NET Building Maintenance Services. Utilizing their strong industry connections, they quickly built a reputation for reliability and dependable service. 

 Their core values—long-lasting relationships, exceptional services, sincerity, and integrity—served as their guiding principles. They’ve worked tirelessly to create a business that reflected these values. Committed to doing whatever it took to achieve their goals, the team laid the foundation for a new paradigm in service delivery.

 Together, they provide an elevated level of service in various areas:

  • Commercial, Multi-Residential, Industrial, and Institutional janitorial services
  • General interior/exterior maintenance facility services—both year-round and seasonal
  • Emergency pandemic response disinfection services
  • Pre/Post Construction Cleaning Services
  • High Quality Carpet Maintenance

 Since their inception, the team has prioritized building strong relationships, firmly believing that their success is intertwined with the success of their clients. This commitment to relationship-building is evident in their tireless efforts to deliver exceptional service.

 As time passed, C NET Building Maintenance Services continued to grow, establishing partnerships with other leaders in the industry. This has led them to become one of the most respected and sought-after companies in the field. Their professionalism, quality of service, and customer focus have distinguished them as a formidable choice among building owners and managers across Eastern Ontario and the Greater Montreal Quebec regions.

 Today, C NET Building Maintenance Services, helmed by Roy, Gonzalo, and Eduardo, persists in delivering unparalleled service. With pride, they continue to grow a company grounded in trust, quality, and robust client relationships. On this solid foundation, they continue to expand their business, striving to preserve their industry-leading position.

Roy Barroso
Vice President of Business Development, Sales & Marketing
C NET Building Maintenance Services

April 2023