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Four Friends

Roy Barroso

Gonzalo Castillo

Eduardo Castillo

Neil Lathangue

How these four friends have redefined building maintenance services in Eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec)

A lot has happened in the past two years for Roy Barroso, Gonzalo Castillo, and his brother Eduardo Castillo since they met by chance. 

Each had been working in the building services and maintenance industry for many years, but it wasn’t until they met that they realized just how well their skills and experience complemented each other. 

With Roy’s experience in the waste management industry as a business development expert, Gonzalo’s proficiency in managing large-scale operations (and a fanatic for quality service), and Eduardo’s finance and management expertise, they knew they had a winning combination. After discussing their shared passion for providing quality maintenance services, they agreed to start their own business under the name of C NET Building Maintenance Services.  Along with well-aligned industry resources and counterparts they have built a dependable service model reputation. 

The three worked tirelessly to build their business from the ground up. They knew that the key to success in this venture would be their commitment to their core values for fostering long-term relationships, providing quality services, and serving with sincerity and integrity. Several months into their journey, the team expanded with the addition of Neil Lathangue, a long-time colleague and successful industry expert within the Canadian Market who joined the ranks and rounded out C NET Team. They were committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve this goal.

Together, the four friends apply their skills and expertise to provide a new level of service to their clients in the following areas:

  1. Janitorial Services in the Commercial, Multi-Residential, Industrial and Institutional space
  2. General Interior/Exterior maintenance facility services – year-round/seasonal
  3. Emergency Pandemic response disinfection services
  4. Restoration contractor resource services

Since the beginning, their passion for nurturing strong relationships is evident and remains ultimately important, firmly believing that their success is dependent on the clients’ success as they work tirelessly to deliver exceptional service.  

Over the past several months, C NET Building Maintenance Services has expanded and has engaged with other leaders in the industry, becoming one of the most respected and sought out companies in the industry. Their sincere and professional approach has set them apart from their competitors, and their commitment to quality and customer service has made them a favorite among building owners and managers across Ontario and Quebec. 

Today, C NET Building Maintenance Services continues to provide exceptional service to their clients, thanks to the vision and dedication of Roy Barroso, Gonzalo Castillo, Eduardo Castillo, and Neil Lathangue. They are constantly building a company that is based on trust, quality, and strong relationships, and they are proud of the work that they do every day. 

The four friends stand fast in their belief that the quality of their relationships, especially with their clients is of utmost importance. They continue to build their business on this foundation and strive to maintain their position as a leader in the industry.

Roy Barroso
Vice President of Business Development, Sales & Marketing
C NET Building Maintenance Services

April 2023