The C NET “Capture Coating™” Difference

Capture Coating – Addressing Air Quality

Capture Coating is an innovative waterborne nanocoating system for porous and permeable HVAC air-filtration media. When applied (simply sprayed) to air filters, Capture Coating permanently bonds to the filter media, stopping virus and germs without impacting the airflow and breathability of the air filter.

C NET Building Maintenance Services is excited to offer Capture Coating™ by Curran Biotech,  that stops airborne bacteria, viruses, or fungi in real-time—having no lasting benefit—addresses the problem of protecting buildings from transmission differently: a new methodology of stopping airborne contagions at the surface of air filters without compromising airflow, energy-efficiency, and HVAC operational set points.

Convert your regular air filter in a virus battling tool that eliminates the possibility of virus being spread through your air foiltration systems. A true game-changer.